Predictable GMP results on time … also in cases of urgency (Operational Excellence)

  1. Reliable processes
    1. Standard work
      → Predictability, quality, continuous improvement
    2. Process design
      → Built in quality (error proof, problems pop up early)
  2. Flexibility delivered with quality
    1. Prioritization and cross-functionality: scheduling is at the core of our lab
      1. Knowledge of drug development process > right priorities
      2. Transparency in internal planning > right resource allocation
    2. Leveled workload: embedded in the way work is organized
      COME & SEE us to witness our workflow
  3. Develop thinking people: “learning culture”
    → Engaged participation and (tacit) knowledge
    1. Implement systems (metrics driven, strategy deployment, project management)
    2. PDCA (everyone involved in continuous improvement)
    3. Academy

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